What are the primary goals driving the process? Why does your company offer group benefits? Do you wish to attract and retain skilled workers in a highly competitive market? Maybe you need to find the right balance between offering the right protections for your employees while meeting budgetary constraints? Minimizing the employer’s exposure to liability issues should also be a priority. Let’s get to know you, your plan, and the way you work – and let’s make your plan work for you!

  • Analysis of the collective work agreement
  • Analysis of internal HR policies
  • Analysis of payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • Determining a budget
  • Analysis of the renewal, financial conditions and methodologies
  • Analysis of the claims experience
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Needs analysis pertaining to special risks (contractual employees, impats, expats, high-risk area travelling)
  • Benchmarking studies


Negotiations based on knowledge and understanding yield significant results. Our expertise will result into a carefully thought out strategy to avoid surprises at implementation. We will propose specific solutions covering financial and legal considerations. Is a conventional plan the right answer for your business and employees? Should other options be considered? Should we rewrite specific contractual clauses to be aligned with administrative policies and practices? We have to propose the right financial arrangement for your budget and tolerance to risk.

  • Conventional plans
  • Flex plans, modular plans
  • Healthcare spending accounts, Cost-Plus
  • Financial arrangements (self-insurance, discounts, etc.)
  • Pooling provisions
  • Premium sharing scenarios
  • Minimizing taxable benefits
  • Analysis of plan usage, semi-annual reports, etc.
  • Benchmarking in relation to your industry
  • Renewal projections
  • Promote health and wellness in the workplace
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Wealth management


Quality is in the details. Nothing is hidden, nothing left to chance, everything is outlined. We focus on delivery. We rely on proven procedures that are the result of years of experience to accompany our clients, whether implementing new strategies or administering the plan on a day to day basis. We make sure that our clients have all the tools and knowledge to do things right, while keeping it simple!

  • Face-to-face meetings to educate and support plan administrators
  • Human resources toolbox
  • Proven and efficient processes
  • Ensuring that your contract conforms to your intent and applicable laws
  • Customized payroll and taxable benefit calculator
  • Clear, concise and informative employee communications (memos, presentations, etc.)
  • Individualized financial assessment for all employees
  • No surprises


Let's do this every year! Every client should be treated like a prospective one. You should get our best work, every year, every time your needs change. Many of our clients have relied on us since the start. We will renew our commitment to this process throughout our partnership because today's needs might be different tomorrow, we tirelessly work to continue to earn your trust. We assure our clients of continuous transparency, education and peace of mind.